Avid - Advancement Via Individual Determination

Avid is an elementary through post secondary college readiness system that is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. The Avid system accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of effective instruction and provides meaningful and motivational professional development as a catalyst for educational attainment.

Accepted to the Portfolio: June 2012

Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Students enroll in AP classes
  • Students complete college eligibility requirements
  • Students are accepted into 4-year universities

Long Term Outcomes

  • Students enroll in college
  • Students complete a 4-year college degree
  • Increased employment
  • Increased wages

Target Population


  • Kindergarten - 12th Grade
  • Transitional Age Youth (16 - 24)

Service Area


  • Southeast (District 1)
  • Southwest (District 2)
  • Central (District 3)
  • Northeast (District 4)
  • Northwest (District 5)

Program Implementers

Program Funders

Many thanks to the following funders for making this program possible.


  • California Department of Education