Nurse-Family Partnership

The Nurse-Family Partnership (Nfp) program provides home visits by registered nurses to first-time, low-income mothers, beginning during pregnancy and continuing through the child’s second birthday.

Accepted to the Portfolio: February 2014

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Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • To improve pregnancy outcomes by promoting health-related behavior
  • To improve child health, development and safety by promoting competent care-giving

Long Term Outcomes

  • To enhance parent life-course development by promoting pregnancy planning, educational achievement, and employment
  • To enhance families’ material support by providing links with needed health and social service
  • To promote supportive relationships among family and friends

Target Population


  • Early Childhood (0 - 5)
  • Adult (25 - 60)

Service Area


  • Southeast (District 1)
  • Southwest (District 2)
  • Central (District 3)
  • Northeast (District 4)
  • Northwest (District 5)

    Program Implementers

    The following organizations implement this program locally:

    Sonoma County Department of Health Services

     Sonoma County Department of Health Services

    Program Funders

    Many thanks to the following funders for making this program possible.

    Local Funders

    • First 5 Sonoma County
    • PacifiCare
    • Sonoma County Department of Health Services