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Upstream Investments Select and Implement an Evidence-Based Practice Training

Learn how to use national clearinghouses to select evidence-based practices, and how to implement a program with fidelity. We’ll also cover how to create opportunities for innovation within evidence-based programs.

Upstream Investments Evaluation Reporting Training

Learn how to utilize the Upstream Investments Impact Report template to tell your program’s story and highlight key accomplishments.

Upstream Investments Evaluation Planning I Training

Learn how to use a logic model to guide development of a simple evaluation plan. We’ll discuss how to define key stakeholders, evaluation purpose and questions. This is the first course in a two-part series on evaluation planning.

Upstream Investments Evaluation Planning II Training

Learn how to choose an evaluation design, evaluation methods and describe simple data analysis techniques. This is the second course in a two-part series on evaluation planning.

Upstream Investments Individual and Focus Group Interviews Training

***New Course! Learn how to conduct individual interviews and focus groups. 

Upstream Investments Qualitative Data Analysis Training

Learn simple approaches to analyze qualitative data (from interviews or focus groups).

Upstream Investments Preparing Survey Data for Analysis Training

Learn about simple techniques to structure, clean and prepare your survey data for data analysis. 

Upstream Investments Analyzing Survey Data Training

Learn techniques to analyze basic quantitative survey data in Excel using pivot tables.

Upstream Investments Graphs and Data Visuals Training

***New Course! Learn best practices in developing graphs and data visuals to effectively present data to your target audience.

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