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Upstream Investments Policy Committee

The Upstream Investments Policy Committee is chartered by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to champion upstream principles community-wide. The Committee has a central role in our mission to encourage the use of best practices, understand the impact of these practices and promote the effectiveness of prevention-focused policies. 

The Policy Committee aims for diverse leadership representing multiple community sectors. The Committee is governed by the Brown Act. The Committee's Charter and Bylaws are available for download.

To champion upstream principles, Policy Committee members:

  • Promote and support the use of practices that are proven to work
  • Promote and support prevention across the human lifespan
  • Promote and adopt prevention-focused policies within their organizations 

Membership Composition

Committee is established by the Board of Supervisors and members are appointed by Human Services Department Staff.
25 Members: 1 Current Vacancy
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Board of SupervisorsSupervisor Shirlee Zane11/30/1812/31/2020
Board of SupervisorsSupervisor Susan Gorin11/30/1812/31/2020
Business CommunityPeter Rumble11/30/1812/31/2020
Business CommunityRobin Bartholow11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentBrian Staebell11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentJennifer Traumann11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentJohn Hartwig11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentKaren Fies11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentKathleen Pozzi11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentNora Mallonee-Brand11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentRobert Halverson11/30/1812/31/2020
County Member - Alternate (Alternate)GiGi Mertle11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerAngie Dillon-Shore11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerDiann Kitamura11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerDr. Steven Herrington11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerJason Carter11/30/1812/31/2020
Local FunderJennifer O'Donnell11/30/1812/31/2020
Local FunderKarin Demarest11/30/1812/31/2020
Local FunderLisa Wittke-Schaffner11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderElece Hempel11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderKaren Shimizu11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderMarrianne McBride11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderSoledad Figueroa11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderSusan Cooper11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderVacantVacant

Need more information? Contact us via email at maddybook@sonoma-county.org.

Contact Information

Helen Simi

Communications Manager

Upstream Investments

Planning, Research, Evaluation, and Engagement

Human Services Department

County of Sonoma

Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact us by Phone
520 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
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