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Upstream Investments Policy Committee

The Upstream Investments Policy Committee is chartered by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to champion upstream principles community-wide. The Committee has a central role in our mission to encourage the use of best practices, understand the impact of these practices and promote the effectiveness of prevention-focused policies. 

The Policy Committee aims for diverse leadership representing multiple community sectors. The committee is governed by the Brown Act.

To champion upstream principles, Policy Committee members:

  • Promote and support the use of practices that are proven to work
  • Promote and support prevention across the human lifespan
  • Promote and adopt prevention-focused policies within their organizations 

Membership Composition

Committee is established by the Board of Supervisors and members are appointed by Human Services Department Staff.
25 Members: 1 Current Vacancy
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Board of SupervisorsSupervisor Shirlee Zane11/30/1812/31/2020
Board of SupervisorsSupervisor Susan Gorin11/30/1812/31/2020
Business CommunityPeter Rumble11/30/1812/31/2020
Business CommunityRobin Bartholow11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentBrian Staebell11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentJennifer Traumann11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentJohn Hartwig11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentKaren Fies11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentKathleen Pozzi11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentNora Mallonee-Brand11/30/1812/31/2020
County DepartmentRobert Halverson11/30/1812/31/2020
County Member - Alternate (Alternate)GiGi Mertle11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerAngie Dillon-Shore11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerDiann Kitamura11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerDr. Steven Herrington11/30/1812/31/2020
Governmental Entities PartnerJason Carter11/30/1812/31/2020
Local FunderJennifer O'Donnell11/30/1812/31/2020
Local FunderKarin Demarest11/30/1812/31/2020
Local FunderLisa Wittke-Schaffner11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderElece Hempel11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderKaren Shimizu11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderMarrianne McBride11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderSoledad Figueroa11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderSusan Cooper11/30/1812/31/2020
Local Service ProviderVacantVacant

Need more information? Contact us via email at maddybook@sonoma-county.org.

Contact Information

Helen Simi

Communications Manager

Upstream Investments

Planning, Research, Evaluation, and Engagement

Human Services Department

County of Sonoma

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Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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520 Mendocino Avenue
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