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Upstream offers courses and online resources to help you select, design, evaluate and improve your practices to meet Portfolio criteria. Below is a brief description of application requirements and resources to help you complete a Portfolio application. 

Virtual Coaching Appointments Available

Upstream is now offering virtual coaching sessions to anyone that wants to learn more about Upstream and how to integrate evidence-informed practices into their work. 

We encourage you to email jthacher@schsd.org for more information or to make an appointment.

Support for Evidence-Based Practices (Ebp)

To apply as an Ebp, verify that the practice is listed on an Upstream-approved clearinghouse at an acceptable level, demonstrate that your organization follows the practice with fidelity, and create and execute an evaluation plan. 

We recommend these resources: 

Select and Implement an Ebp with Fidelity

Write an Evaluation Plan

Support for Evidence-Informed Practices (Eip)

To apply as an Eip, submit a literature review, logic model, program manual and evaluation plan.

We recommend these resources: 

Find and Write a Literature Review

Create and Use a Logic Model

Compile a Program Manual

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Upstream convenes organizations targeting common outcomes and populations to share successful strategies and compare results.

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