Meet Our Team

Upstream Team Photo

Learn more about the people who make Upstream Investments a success in our community!

Oscar Chavez, Assistant Director of the Sonoma County Human Services Department, manages the Department’s planning, research, and evaluation functions, oversees community and client engagement, and provides executive leadership for the Upstream Investments Initiative. Oscar is an avid thrifter and relishes the thrill of finding that perfectly nearly-new item for pennies on the dollar. 

Kellie Noe, Program Development Manager, leads and supports the Upstream Investments Initiative with a passion for a healthy and just community. She is committed to developing and improving public systems, services, policies and programs for children, youth, families and older adults. Kellie serves on the West County High School Board and enjoys live music and skiing and camping with her family.

Helen Simi, Upstream Outreach & Engagement Manager, oversees our committee management, communications and partner engagement and supports meeting and training facilitation. She brings to Upstream a wealth of experience in stakeholder engagement, partnership development and community outreach. Helen appreciates every opportunity to travel the globe, share a meaningful meal, and celebrate life with family and friends.

Joni Thacher, Training & Technical Assistance Manager, provides coaching and one-on-one support to agencies to strengthen organizational capacity and their ability to offer the highest quality equity opportunities to our community. She brings years of experience in early childhood education, special needs education and group facilitation. Joni loves yoga, running and finding a moment of quiet with a good book.

Leah Murphy, Training & Technical Assistance Manager, provides support to community partners in program and evaluation planning, evaluation implementation and shared measurement using a learning community approach. She has a long history managing and evaluating programs across a multitude of sectors. Leah enjoys running, soap making and sleeping, and is hoping to enjoy all of these activities again someday when her boys are older.

Norine Doherty, Program Manager for the Road to Early Achievement and the Development of Youth (READY), is passionate about serving families and collaborating with the school community to create equitable opportunities for all Sonoma County youth. With over 10 years of experience in community engagement, program development, planning, implementation and evaluation, Norine is a valuable addition to Upstream. She loves hiking, yoga and spending time at the river with her family. 

Jake Harpin, Administrative Aide for READY, has seen firsthand the difference early childhood education can make and he is excited to engage with and support our schools, community and stakeholders through READY. Jake has worked extensively with non-profit agencies and has years of experience advocating for Sonoma County children and families. Jake loves poetry, writing and being close to bodies of water.