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Training and Coaching Opportunities


Upstream offers a wide range of training opportunities to support the selection, implementation and evaluation of prevention-focused programming. We invite you to peruse our course catalog to discover which courses meet your needs. 

Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability (AR-RBA) Trainings

Upstream Investments is now offering Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability (AR-RBA) trainings. Pick the ones that work best for you and register now!

  • Foundational Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability dives into AR-RBA's values-centered approach to use data to drive decision making and measure the success of programs and activities. This one-day workshop will cover the basics of AR-RBA with an opportunities to put the framework into practice for contract and performance management. (August 29,10:00 am - 3:00 pm via Zoom)
  • Transitional AR-RBA is only for current RBA practitioners. If you are already using RBA for contract or performance management, this workshop will help you to embed anti-racism into your RBA practice. Anti-Racist RBA intentionally centers race by prioritizing the collection of demographic data, engaging community members from populations being served, and ensuring transparency at all points of the RBA process. (September 11,10:00 am - 12:30 pm via Zoom)
  • Equity in Data Collection demonstrates how and why demographic data is key to anti-racist data culture. Learn best practices for collecting demographic data, including what to ask and how to ask it in the practice of anti-racism. This workshop will provide context, offer examples, and give you the tools to develop your own data-collection toolkit. (September 26,10:00 am - 12:30 pm via Zoom)

Foundational Anti-Racist Prework will be assigned upon registration. For questions or additional course information, contact Upstream's AR-RBA Training Manager, Allison Carr,

Schedule a Virtual Coaching Appointment 

Upstream offers virtual coaching and training by appointment. Appointments are open to anyone that wants to learn more about Upstream and how to integrate evidence-informed practices into their work. 

Email to make an appointment or for more information.