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Shared Outcome Measurement System (SOMS)

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What is the Shared Outcome Measurement System?

Upstream Investments has built community capacity for data sharing and applying common metrics by designing and administrating the Shared Outcomes Measurement System (SOMS). SOMS is a collection of technology tools, using the Apricot platform and Clear Impact dashboard, managed by Upstream. The purpose of the system is to collect, report, and visualize participant-level outcomes for the Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability (AR-RBA) measurement. In doing so, we are able to track our collective impact across several well-being indicators.

SOMS provides a platform for data-sharing across both Upstream’s partner organizations and County departments. The goal is to collect demographic data that can reveal any disparities or unintended disproportionality. In so doing, the dignity and humanity of program participants is centered to create a participant intake process where individuals have the opportunity to be fully seen across race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability and other demographic categories.

The social determinants of health tool within our SOMS system is a common data element that launched with our American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Community Resilience Site beginning January 2022. This tool asks community members to share aspects of their identity and experience that may contribute to their health outcomes. By using the same tool as many Federally Qualified Health Centers in Sonoma County, it may be possible to compare aggregated needs and prioritize responses. Given racialized social structures in the US that lead to varying access to resources and opportunities, we anticipate that our data will provide insights about how needs vary by different racial groups in our county. Together, we can use this information to improve services while aiming for equity in well-being outcomes.

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Collective Impact

An intentional way of working together and sharing information to solve complex problems. Essential to the collective impact framework is bringing together community partners to establish shared measures.

Shared Measurement

The use of a common tool to gather data and measure progress across school systems, programs, or geographic locations. Apricot is the platform that Upstream uses for its shared measurement work.

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Data Inclusion Pledge

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As we continue to ground our work on a racial equity foundation, Upstream affirms our commitment to collect and share data that is more thoroughly representative of our diverse community. When we include the data and narratives of groups that have been historically categorized as "other" or deemed "statistically insignificant" we will no longer unintentionally erase the impacts and voices of these groups by omitting their data.

Thank you to our SOMS partners who share in this vision and work!

SOMS partner logos: Upstream Investments, READY (road to the early achievement and development of youth), The American Rescue Plan, County of Sonoma, First 5 Sonoma County, Keeping Kids in School (Sonoma County Probation Department), Family, Youth & Children (Sonoma County Human Services), Sonoma County Department of Emergency Management, and Employment & Training (Sonoma County Human Services)