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Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability (AR-RBA)

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Upstream Investments is bringing anti-racism to Results-Based Accountability. Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability (AR-RBA) is a tool for strategic planning and a framework for performance management through which we are:

  • Ceasing the erasure of historically marginalized communities
  • Using demographic data to disrupt inequity
  • Maintaining transparency
  • Taking responsibility and committing to doing better

AR-RBA begins by recognizing that inequities that exist in Sonoma County are the result of generations of institutional and structural racism. AR-RBA provides an ends-to-means framework to assess whether investments are actively mitigating inequities in Black, Indigenous, Asian and local communities of color.

Advancing equity in our community demands that we look at community and program level data by race and other demographic indicators (e.g. race/ethnicity, language, gender, disability) to adopt strategies to eliminate inequities. AR-RBA uses local data to tell community stories with integrity and honors lived experiences. Through a focus on race and ethnicity we daylight our systems’ contribution to the disproportionally negative outcomes experienced by local communities of color.

New Upcoming Trainings

Upstream Investments is now offering Anti-Racist Results-Based Accountability trainings. Pick the ones that work best for you and register now!

AR-RBA August-September 2023 Trainings flyer »
(PDF: 1.5 MB)