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Kids reading with caregiver

READY (Road to the Early Achievement and Development of Youth) is a cross-sector partnership that:

  • Assesses kindergarten readiness in Sonoma County using an equity lens
  • Provides kindergarten readiness data to our community for effective decision-making
  • Makes connections between local providers, funders, and schools
  • Creates space for parent and community engagement to find prevention-focused solutions to conditions preventing Sonoma County children from reaching their greatest potential
  • Hosts resources for the community and for kindergarten teachers
  • Supports the transition from early learning to kindergarten

More about READY

Since 2013, the READY project has conducted ongoing background research to support the pilot and scaling of a common kindergarten readiness assessment in Sonoma County. The school readiness assessment is paired with a parent survey to gather information on early learning experiences and family activities of children entering kindergarten. In Fall 2015, the project transitioned to an evidenced-based, classroom friendly tool called the Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile (KSEP).

READY is funded by First 5 Sonoma County and implemented by Upstream Investments.

READY’s long-term goals are to:

  • Partner with additional school districts to evaluate school readiness of incoming kindergarten students
  • Deepen community engagement, especially with parents of kindergarten students who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color
  • Expand the use of READY data to strengthen early learning programs in Sonoma County that serve children aged 0-5
  • Support the dismantling of structural and institutional racism in our community to close the opportunity gap
  • Continue to make connections between early learning programs and the K-12 school system
  • Continue to provide data for decision-making to our community’s governing bodies, funders, and agencies.

Kindergarten Readiness in Sonoma County

Since 2016-17, READY has observed a decline in kindergarten readiness among the READY cohort of school districts. READY has also observed large disparities in kindergarten readiness between white students and students that identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, or from a Community of Color (BIPOC), as well as Dual Language Learners (DLLs). The disparities between white and BIPOC students do not stop at kindergarten readiness, rather persist in family income and educational attainment, access to early learning opportunities and education and many more factors beyond the individual and family level. Learn more in the Sonoma County School Readiness Report 2021-22.