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Health Action

The Health Action and Upstream Investments teams work together towards improving the community’s health and well-being. Health Action sets our community priorities and Upstream Investments supports program quality and measures impact.

 We work together to: 

  • Identify Community priorities
  • Identify Strategies proven to work
  • Measure impact
  • Remove roadblocks to sustain effective interventions
  • Model values of equity, prevention and community engagement


Health Action's vision is that Sonoma County is a healthy place for all residents to live, work, play and belong. The mission of Health Action is to mobilize community partnerships and resources to achieve equity and improve health and well-being for all in Sonoma County. To achieve its mission, Health Action focuses on three impact areas in alignment with Upstream Investments:


Framework for Action

Health Action’s Framework for Action lays out a roadmap for realizing higher level impact along three domains:

  • Strategy, including refined health and well-being priorities and values;
  • Stewardship, including a collective approach to supporting priorities and clearly defined expectations of Health Action members; and
  • Sustainability,including the development of a sustainable financing plan

The framework presents direction for Health Action members, partners, and the community to join together to create the large-scale social change needed to improve health and well-being for all in Sonoma County