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Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)


In the Upstream Portfolio, Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) follow the “gold standard” of prevention-focused, effective programs. These programs are verified by one or more nationally recognized evidence-based clearinghouses. They are carried out and evaluated in Sonoma County based on model program criteria (also called “with fidelity”). 

Some programs or agencies purchase a research-based program that has already been rigorously evaluated (usually outside of our community) and shown to regularly produce positive results. To be added to the Upstream Portfolio, let us know which clearinghouse lists your program and how you’re carrying out that program with fidelity.

National Clearinghouse Inclusion

Clearinghouses are lists of evidence-based practices, evaluated and ranked according to effectiveness. Check here to see if your program is listed on a clearinghouse.



To be added to Upstream, clearinghouse programs must demonstrate that they’re carried out with fidelity (following model program criteria). That means that if your program manual says you’ll provide three hours of client therapy from 4 –7 p.m. every other Thursday, that’s what you must do (no straying from the manual). 

Community Outcomes Matter

Even if you’re using an EBP, it’s important to understand your impact on clients, so you’ll need an evaluation plan.