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Apply as an Evidence-Informed Practice

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In the Upstream Portfolio, an Evidence-Informed practice (Eip) is designed using recognized theory and research, shows evidence of positive outcomes and is being evaluated for its impact on our local community.

Become an Evidence-Informed (Promising) Practice

Promising Practices must complete the following to be included on the Upstream Portfolio:

Literature Review
The literature review collects and cites scholarly, peer-reviewed research to support program design. 

Logic Model
Also called a theory of change, the logic model  maps the problem the program’s trying to solve, what you’ll need to solve the problem (inputs), the actions you will take (outputs) and the results you expect (outcomes).

If everyone in your organization moved to Canada tomorrow, your manual would guide new employees and prevent a breakdown in service to the community. 

Evaluation Plan
How do you know your program is effective for those you serve? And we’re not just talking numbers. We know you saw a lot of clients last month, but how are any of them better off? Has their thinking changed? Their understanding? Their behavior? The evaluation plan is your guide to answering those questions.