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AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program

The AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program provides weekly three-hour classes to low-income Latino parents who have children under age 3 and includes early education for the children. Classes focus on parent education, early childhood development, literacy and school readiness and are conducted in Spanish. The program has proved to significantly improve kindergarten readiness, maternal involvement in children's education, maternal education and to reduce reliance on public health benefits over time. AVANCE's children followed into the K-12 system showed increased attendance, reading and math proficiency and high school graduation.

Accepted to the Portfolio: May 2014

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Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Increased kindergarten readiness
  • Increased maternal involvement in children's education

    Long Term Outcomes

    • Increased maternal education
    • Decreased reliance on public benefits
    • Increased school attendance
    • Improved reading proficiency
    • Improved math proficiency
    • Increased high school graduation rates


      Target Population


      • Early Childhood (0-5)
      • Families with Children (0-5)

      Service Areas


      • Southeast (District 1)
      • Southwest (District 2)
      • Central (District 3)
      • Northeast (District 4)
      • Northwest (District 5)