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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is a video-based, psychoeducational program designed to assist divorcing or divorced parents in reducing parental conflict and the risk factors that influenced the child's post-divorce adjustment. The program addresses the relationship between separate households created as a result of divorce It is designed to improve the quality  of the parental relationship in situations of joint custody, separate maintenance, change of custody  and paternity.

Accepted to the Portfolio: May 2013

Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Parents shift roles from former spouse to co-parent,
  • Parents understand the impact of conflict on their child's development,
  • Parents can identify their contribution to conflict,
  • Parents understand their children's issues in divorce

Long Term Outcomes

  • Reduced parental stress
  • Parents use effective communication and conflict-resolution skills
  • Both parents remain active in their children's lives
  • Decreased adolescent use of drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancy, school drop
  • Parents are sensitive to their child's needs
  • Decrease litigation, court costs and time

Target Population


  • Adult (25 - 60)
  • Families with Children 

Service Area

  • Southwest (District 2)