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Coping Cat

Coping Cat is a cognitive behavioral treatment that assists children aged 7-13 in (1) recognizing anxious feelings and physical reactions to anxiety; (2) clarifying cognition in anxiety-provoking situations (i.e., unrealistic expectations); (3) developing a plan to help cope with the situation (i.e., determining what coping actions might be effective); and (4) evaluating performance and administering self-reinforcement as appropriate. The intervention uses behavioral training strategies with demonstrated efficacy, such as modeling real-life situations, roleplaying, relaxation training, and contingent reinforcement. Throughout the sessions, therapists use social reinforcement to encourage and reward the children, and the children are encouraged to verbally reinforce their own successful coping.

Accepted to the Portfolio:

  • Petaluma People Services Center - June 2012
  • California Parent Institute - July 2015

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Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Recognizing and understanding emotional and physical reactions to anxiety
  • Clarifying thoughts and feelings in anxious situations
  • Developing plans for effective coping
  • Evaluating performance and giving self-reinforcement

Long Term Outcomes

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved performance at school

Target Population


  • Early Childhood (0 - 5)
  • Childhood (6 - 12)
  • Transitional Age Youth (16 - 24)

Service Area

  • Southwest (District 2)
  • Central (District 3)
  • Northwest (District 5)