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Day Labor Health and Safety Training

The Day Labor Health & Safety Training program provides empowerment-based training opportunities for day laborers to improve their ability to navigate the occupational hazards related to day labor work.  Delivered by staff, the program offers an anchor OSHA 4 module that includes familiarity and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard identification, and labor rights. Complementing OSHA 4 is a series of 6 distinct topical health & safety trainings focusing on particular industries and best practices such as gardening, electricity, and ergonomics. Upon completion, participants are expected to improve their knowledge about PPE, hazard identification and mitigation, and their right to a safe workplace. In time and praxis, participants are expected to improve their use of PPE, their communication with co-workers about hazards, and taking initiative to protect themselves and their co-workers against hazards. In the long run, participants will help decrease work-related illnesses and injuries and create a strong safety culture with a dignified and healthy work environment.

Accepted to the Portfolio: August 2019

Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Increased ability to identify occupational hazards
  • Increased knowledge of how to eliminate and mitigate hazards
  • Increased familiarity with OSHA and reporting claims
  • Increased knowledge about workers' rights
  • Increased knowledge about correct personal protective equipment use

Long Term Outcomes

  • Create a strong safety culture with a healthy and dignified work environment
  • Decreased work-related illnesses and injuries

Target Population


  • Adult (25 - 60)

Service Area


  • Northwest (District 5)