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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a highly successful family intervention program for at-risk youth ages 10-18. This model works within the family to transform maladaptive coping mechanisms, building positive skills and connections for youth to resources that will match their particular risks and needs. Youth's problems range from acting out to conduct disorders to alcohol and/or substance abuse.  Families receive case management and 8-12 mandatory therapy sessions focused on the youth and involving family member(s).

Accepted to the Portfolio: April 2013

Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Youth remain in the home
  • Improved family functioning
  • Reduced delinquent behavior
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced youth substance use

Long Term Outcomes

  • Reduction in criminal recidivism
  • Reduced substance use
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduction in sibling court involvement

Target Population


  • Youth (12 - 15)
  • Transitional Age Youth (16 - 24)

Service Area


  • Southeast (District 1)
  • Central (District 3)
  • Northeast (District 4)
  • Northwest (District 5)