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Sonoma County 4-H Stem

4-H non-formal experimentally based programming addresses science abilities, concepts and content under the guidance of trained (scientifically able) facilitators. The Stem program develops science abilities and increase awareness of science skills, content and career possibilities.

Accepted to the Portfolio: December 2015

Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Increased engagement in science
  • Improved attitudes toward science
  • Improved science skills
  • Increased awareness of opportunities to contribute to science
  • Increased life skills

    Long Term Outcomes
    • Increase in youth pursuing careers in STEM
    • Increased pool of trained teachers, educators and scientists
    • Increased science literacy
    • Increased in innovative strategies to address social problems using science

    Target Population


    • Youth, Kindergarten - 12th grade

    Service Area


    • Southeast (District 1)
    • Southwest (District 2)
    • Central (District 3)
    • Northeast (District 4)
    • Northwest (District 5)