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Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps

The Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps (Scyec) is the workforce component of the Workforce Investment Act (Wia) Youth Education & Employment Services (Yees) program. Scyec provides workforce training and ecosystem education aimed at employing youth and young adults while teaching environmental stewardship. Focus is on work experience opportunities that emphasize ecology and the environment, benefit the community, increase work skills and strengthen youth participation in society.

The main component of Scyec is the work itself (both crew work and individual placements which occur mainly in the summer), as it provides youth with an opportunity to build and enhance their professional skills, participate in work that is meaningful and beneficial to their community, learn about the environment and habitats around them, and earn income. Youth improve their soft skills and obtain a sense of confidence in their professional capacity. Scyec includes educational components including career planning, weekly environmental education sessions, and a one-day field trip to tour the Sonoma County Water Agency’s facilities. Each summer youth attend two main events - the Kick-Off and the Opportunities Fair.

Accepted to the Portfolio: April 2014

Target Outcomes

Short Term Outcomes

  • Improved safety skills
  • Improved work skills
  • Improved ability to build relationships
  • Increased income
  • Understanding of how to plan for the future

Long Term Outcomes

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Increased participation in post-secondary education
  • Increased unsubsidized employment
  • Reduced criminal behavior
  • Reduced obesity

Target Population


  • Transitional Age Youth (16 - 24)

Service Area


  • Southeast (District 1)
  • Southwest (District 2)
  • Central (District 3)
  • Northeast (District 4)
  • Northwest (District 5)